Accessibility - Georgetown Choral Society


Our main concerts are usually at the Christian Reformed Church at 11611 Trafalgar Road in Georgetown (across from the Jones Funeral Home).

The main entrance on the North side has quite a few steps up to the main sanctuary where we perform. For the convenience of audience members who might need it, the church has an elevator to take people up to this level. This elevator for wheelchair access is located at the South entrance to the church, immediately to the left of the door as you walk in.

The choir will have a volunteer before and after the concert to assist with the operation of the elevator.

The choir also performs at the new Norval United Church at 14015 Danby Rd, Georgetown, ON L7G 0L8. This facility is fully accessible.

Visit the Norval United Church website for more info or call 905-877-6122.

It will be helpful if you contact us ahead of time with any special accessibility needs so we can provide better service. Please call at 905-877-7795  or fill in the form below.

Accessible front door
Accessible Entrance to the theatre
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