The Georgetown Choral Society welcomes new members. Please e-mail  or call 905-877-7795 for further information and to arrange for an audition. The choir is composed mostly of amateurs who love singing, but have no special musical training. So if you  love singing and are prepared to put in the time to learn, come and join us.

The choir is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, and we strive to be financially self-sufficient. Accordingly, the membership fees for the choir are $90 for each of the Fall and Spring sessions. Members may make one payment in September for the full season of two sessions, or pay in two equal instalments, one in September and one in January.  

The choir supplies the formal and casual wardrobe used when we perform, and there is a one-time fee of $100 for women and $75 for men, payable prior to receipt of wardrobe, as a partial contribution to the full cost of your wardrobe.

Georgetown Choral Society
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